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How To Be Brave Chapter Eleven
Black sand beach-Merida's P.O.V
Hiccup, Toothless and I lounge on a sprawling, deserted beach, snacking of freshly caught fish. As Hiccup cooks his over a fire, Toothless suddenly regurgitates a fish head. Hiccup smirks with forced politeness.
"Uh… No thanks." He says sheepishly, gesturing to his fish on a stick. "I'm good." I chuckle as he tries to subtly push the fish away, as to not offend him.
Several Terrible Terrors land like seagulls, hissing and nipping at each other as they approach Toothless' pile of fish. One grabs the regurgitated fish head and drags it away and another attempts to steal it from him. They face off and last fire balls at each other to settle the fight and we watch, amused. That is until Toothless spots one of his fish leaving the pile. A stealthy Terrible Terror is exposed as the thief. They tug on the fish, and it snaps back into Toothless' mouth. He swallows it back tauntingly.
Irate, the little dragon paws at the ground and blast Toothless.
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 3 6
How To Be Brave Chapter Ten
Next day, an hour later- Third P.O.V.
Astrid had many talents, but also had many flaws. One of her flaws was loathing anything she couldn't do better than someone. One of her talents was holding an impressive grudge. Her grudge toward towards Hiccup beating her was showcased as Astrid furiously hurled her axe at a nearby tree.
Then, purely by chance, she noticed Hiccup walking by in the distance, carrying one of his trademark harnesses. She quickly tried to follow, but he lost her in the woods.
She huffs in frustration. This isn't fair! He is a puny weakling! He has to be cheating! Astrid thought, desperate for an explanation for her failure. She growled as she stormed off.
With Hiccup-Hiccup's P.O.V.
I strap a newly designed harness onto Toothless. With Toothless tied to a nearby post with a rope. I attempt to ride him in the air- while stationary. Toothless looks like a giant kite tied to a tree stump. This harness seems to work and I begin to mentally praise myself.
Then the
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 2 3
How To Be Brave Chapter Nine
Night-Hiccup's P.O.V.
I woke up with the sun and got my notebook, which held the plans for a new design for an improved harness.
I was about to leave when I heard Merida's snoring, which sounded like the soft growling of a baby Gronckle. She grumbled in distaste and I was momentarily taken aback, scared that she had read my thoughts.
I thought for a minute, but then decided not to wake her, then set off for the Blacksmiths Stall.
Blacksmiths Stall-Hiccup's P.O.V.
I cut and stitch leather, draw and shape steel. I work by candle and natural light. I am creating a harness, complete with handles and foot pedals-big enough for two.
I sigh, indicating I have finished. I admire my work, which I am extremely proud of, wiping sweat off my brow.
I pick up my creation begin to grin happily; I then go and trek up to the tree and hide the harness. I sigh again as my muscles now relax. I sneak into the hou
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 1 1
How to Be Brave Chapter Eight
Training Grounds – Morning- Third Person POV
"Today is about teamwork. Work together and you might survive." Gobber announces with a somewhat manic grin. A large door slowly opens. Gas seeps through the cracks. It suddenly blasts open. A cloud of smoke engulfs the ring, swirling around the paired-up teens, Astrid with Ruffnut, Snotlout with Tuffnut, Fishlegs with Hiccup and Merida was by herself but had two buckets instead of just one to make things fair. She seemed completely fine, not noticing how she was being looked at as if to say 'why haven't they put you with someone? You could die' by everyone except Astrid-who really couldn't care-and Gobber-who really saw nothing wrong with the arrangement. All carry buckets of water, poised to throw them.
Gobber continues his speech. "Now, a wet dragon head can't light its fire. The Hideous Zippleback is extra tricky. One head breathes gas, the other head lights it. Your job is to know which is which."
The smoke enc
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 13 13
How To Be Brave-Chapter Seven
Merida's POV- just after Dawn. (I refuse to say 'Breaking Dawn')
I was sleeping peacefully, having a brilliant dream…
"C'mon Merida, you're so far behind me it's unbelievable!" I hear Hiccup shout from above me. We're back at Dun'Broch, I am riding on Angus through the forest, whereas Hiccup glides and soars through the sky on Toothless, laughing cheerfully… Something I don't think I have seen him do more than twice.
"I dun' think so, Hiccup! We're in my territory now!" I retort tauntingly as I laugh happily, running my fingers through Angus's silver-grey mane, smiling.
"Then you should know you're comin' to a dead-end now, princess! Sorry, but unless you can get through a solid mountain, it looks like I'm gon'na win!" He shouts back down. I smirk and refuse to reply. I slow Angus down to a hardly audible trot and direct him to the mountainside; Hiccup is too high up to notice the hollow part of the mountain the just a bit bigger in size and width of y
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 13 6
The Improbable Encounter-Chapter Four.
"Then let's go!" the two say in accidental unison, then open the door and run out of the TARDIS…
And right onto the side lines of a full blown-out alien war.
Somebody grabs their wrists. "Quick! We don't have much time! We need to go!" They turn to see an alien child-a girl-with tiger cub-like features (which Rose has to fight not to say 'Aww' at) around eleven or twelve. "If they see you, they'll kill you within seconds! Oh no, they've caught sight of you spaceship, Mr! We must go now!"
She was right, about two dozen soldiers from both sides were now on their way towards the TARDIS, the Doctor thought about running, going into the TARDIS with Rose and keeping her safe.
"Doctor, I know what you're thinking… But can't we help them?" the Doctor thinks, he could help… he looks at the young alien girl, only one or two years older than Rose looking at them pleadingly, he could help her…
And he will. He grabs both girls and runs at top speed,
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 3 0
The Forgotten Encounter...
The Forgotten Encounter...
They were all running. They hadn't stopped for quite a few hours.
"Luke," Thalia spoke hoarsely, out of breath, "We can't keep going like this, we're gonna pass out-I mean, look at Annabeth!" The ten year-old waved her arms towards a young seven year-old that was being kept balanced by a satyr, whose name was Grover, gently holding her shoulders. The youngest of the four was red in the face and was coughing.
Luke's' eyes softened at the scene. He had taken on the role of becoming the leader of the group; the 'dad' of the group, you could say, since Annabeth joined.
He sighed and looked up at the sky, to glare up to Olympus-his father in particular-for causing so much crap for them. But then he noticed how dull and grey the sky was. It reminded him of Annabeths' now-tired eyes after all of the many sleepless night of travelling and, not to mention, all of the monsters they had to battle.
Then he realised it was grey because it was about to rain. Luke figured t
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 3 3
Something Old and Something New...
(Something old and something new; something borrow and something blue)
"We're actually doing this? You're serious?" A nineteen year-old Rose Marion Tyler asked the Doctor-A.K.A her fiancée-in disbelief.
All Doctor just raised a single eyebrow and rolled his eyes. "Rose, what is this, then?" he said in as soft as his thick Northern accent would go (which really isn't that much) and lifted Roses left hand and showed her the exquisite TARDIS-blue and rose-red encrusted in a pure silver ring. He smiled gently at her as he caressed her hand.
"An engagement ring, Doctor…" Rose replied with a starry twinkle in her eyes as she smiled at him, and then allowed her right hand to rest upon his left.
"Then why do you question if I am serious?" He asked, genuinely unable to understand her doubt. She smiled lightly and laughed slightly as she pulled her hand away and placed them on his cheeks.
"You're the Doctor-my Doctor. My cheeky, lovable Doctor… But I still can't always understand
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 10 9
Jack Harkness Motivational Poster! by The-Glowing-Wolf Jack Harkness Motivational Poster! :iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 8 22
Bravely Training Dragons!-Chapter Six.
Hiccup's P.O.V-Training ring, same day, afternoon.
I run my finger over the outline of the dragon painted on the shield I had chosen.
This is probably the best time to ask. "You know, I just happened to notice the book had nothing on Night Furies. Is there another book? Or a sequel? Maybe a little Night Fury pamphlet?"
A blast takes the axe head off of my hilt, leaving a smoking hole behind me. I yelp and run.
"Focus Hiccup! You're not even trying." Gobber shouts, safe outside the arena.
The Deadly Nadder, loose in a maze-like arrangement of moveable walls. Gobber calls orders from above.
"Today... is all about attack."
The Nadder hops from wall to wall, sending us recruits scurrying.
"Nadders are quick and light on their feet. Your job is to be quicker and lighter." Gobber informs-ever the voice of wisdom… Huh, so you can sound sarcastic in your thoughts… Interesting…
The teens move in, stumbling over Hiccup and his unwieldy shield.
The Nadder spots Fishlegs' re
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 26 32
Bravely Train Dragons!-Chapter Five.
Hiccup's P.O.V
I walk further and further in to the woods, swerving under branches and jumping across small ditches. My eyes darting, in search of the place it all began.
After about thirteen minutes I reached the scene of the crime.
I bend over to pick up and study the remnants of the discarded bola...
"Dragons are meant to go for the kill… So, why didn't you?" I mutter to myself.
I drop the bola and begin to press on in the direction it flew off. I drop into a rocky crevice and follow it to an isolated cove, complete with a pristine spring pool. I scan the high stone walls... then notice a single black scale on the ground. I crouch and pick it up, studying it.
"Well this was stupid." I grumble to myself.
Suddenly, the Night Fury blasts past him. Making me recoil, watching the massive beast struggle to climb the walls. It flaps violently, and then peels away to a rough landing. The dragon appears to be trapped.
I grin, excited to see it again, and slowly begin to slip closer. I w
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 16 16
Bravely Training Dragons!-Chapter Four.
Hiccup's P.O.V
"What in Thors' name?" I shout. "I was told I was sharing with a boy! You're a… Girl!" My face is now in my hands.
"How do ye think I feel? I was told I was sharing with another girl… Although…" She began snickering, which then turned into a progressing laugh. "With… With thae way-way ye… Ye… Squealed!" She snorted. "I s'pose I can see thae… The similarities!" She clutched her stomach as she laughed more.
My face fell. "Gee, thanks." I rolled my eyes. "You're so kind." I say, sarcastically.
She snorts thrice more and then finds the strength to calm down. "So-sorry… Urm… Hiccup, isn't it?" I nod meekly. "Yeah… Um, Hiccup, in the future I would advise you work on you… Squealing." She snorts again and giggles. "Not very manly, really… At all, actually." She tells me.
"Uh… Thanks for the advice…" I look at her.
Her eyes widen slightly in surprise. "Oh! My name is Merida!" She smiles at me, although it seem
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 23 48
Bravely Training Dragons!-Chapter 3
Hiccup's P.O.V
I look down at my open notebook, which is easily readable now, since it has become late morning now, and take a look at my drawn map of the island, covered in X's. Hiccup looks up from it and peeks over a gorge, expectantly. I see absolutely nothing.
I add another 'X' to the page, then scratched my pencil over the whole map in frustration. I snap the book closed pocket it.
"Uggh, the gods hate me." I groan. "Some people lose their knife or their mug. No, not me. I manage to lose an entire dragon."
I my annoyance, I whack a low-hanging branch. Only to have it snap right back at me, hitting me in the face and leaving a stinging sensation on it. I look up to see a snapped tree. My eyes follow it to a long trench of up-turned earth. I follow it to a downed, black dragon, its body and tail entangled in a bola. It appears dead. I approach it, beaming.
"Oh wow. I did it. I did it." I say, obviously shocked. "This fixes everything!" I suddenly feel elated. "Yes!" I exclaim as I
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 14 10
Bravely Training Dragons!-Chapter 2
Hiccup's P.O.V
Within moments I am like-
I push my wheeled contraption through a wall of clustered Vikings and Scotsmen. He weaves through the on-going mayhem, as fast as my legs can carry me.
A random Viking that I can't identify shouts after me."Hiccup, where are you going?!"
Another shouts, "Come back here!"
"I know. Be right back!" I shout back, after them.
On the plain below, the Nadders have cornered the house-full of sheep. They close in, ready to spring upon them. Stoick suddenly appears, hurling fishing nets over them. The Nadders are caught. Stoick and his men rush in. A Nadder blasts a hole through its net. Stoick leaps onto it, his thick arms around its head, forcing its jaws shut.
"Mind yourselves! The devils still have some juice in them." He bellows the order.
Whereas, on the plain above I have reached a cliff overlooking the smoking catapult and drop the handles to the ground. I crank several levers, unfolding and then cocking the bowed arms of my contraption. I d
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 10 3
Bravely Training Dragons!-Chapter One.
Third Person P.O.V
Imagine this setting: We skim above a dark, wild ocean. Then we turn towards a lone island, its name, Berk. It is a gigantic shard of rock jutting straight out of the water. Our sight gazes over rolling hills to reveal a small village nestled on an outcropping of sea mounts.
Hiccup's P.O.V
This is Berk. Its twelve days North of hopeless and a few Degrees South of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery.
My village. In a word, sturdy. And it's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new.
We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see, most places have mice or mosquitos. We have...
I pull my wooden, splintering door wide open, and then slam it shut almost as quickly as I opened it. I lean against it as fire shoots through the slats of wood; I try my best to ignore how the wood is now going from warm to burning hot. I am certain that the fire is illuminating my gangly
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 36 41
Percy's Math Doodles: The Discovery
Four years later…
"Perseus Jackson!" a young woman's voice echoed through my newly-bought apartment. "Why is there absolutely no organisation in this apartment at all?!"
I laughed to myself and walked from the kitchen to the living room, I came up behind the woman and wrapped my muscular (if I do say so myself) arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder. "Easy answer, Annabeth Chase: I, Percy Jackson, live here!" I let out a corny evil laugh and spun her around.
I looked at her expression; a raised left eyebrow, her nose scrunched up slightly in distaste and her tongue poking at her right cheek. Oh, and she was kinda giving me a Death Glare.
I decided to cheer her up by giving her a kiss, but my lips were tragically left only to kiss Annabeth's briefcase. "Put that away and get ready to do some actual work and start unpacking, Seaweed Brain" she sighed, neither of us had ever really gotten into pet names or anything-unless you count Wise girl and Seaweed Brain. "I me
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 29 20



You want a critique? You got it! That is a wonderful piece, I absolutely love it! The fact it also has my two favourite pairings is a h...

Gah! This is, simply put, amazing! Although, I may be being a bit bias with the fact that I am a Die-Hard Mericcup shipper. :P I adore t...

Wow. Just... Wow, really. This is an excellent piece of artwork! The linework and the colours go perfectly together, and it manages to ...



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The Six Things I Have To Say:
1) I HATE it when people assume that ALL Fanfictioners are lame and have no life

2) I'm obsessed with Warm Bodies. I say this because I really want to know if anyone else has read it! :iconwarmbodiesplz: :iconfangirlingplz:

3) I love Murder-Mystery TV shows!

4) I am short tempered.

5) I am a MASSIVE sci-fi fan!

6) Welsh was my first language, English was my second and I know a little bit of French, Spanish and Japanese.

And now, the questions I was given.

1) Favorite Food?
Chilli Con Carne.

2) Least Favorite Word?
Innit. :iconnoplz:

3) Best Subject In School?
I kind of have good levels in everything but English comes on top! :meow:

4) Fiery or Cool?
Fiery, like my temper.

5) Popular or Loner?
In the middle. I am fine by myself and SMALL groups.

6) When it comes to music, does it wash you away or is it in the background?
Washes me away, I love music! It's life, love, sadness, happiness, friendship, fighting. Humanity. I just love how much meaning can be packed into 3-4 simple minutes.

7) Favorite Holiday?

8) If given the chance, would you date Liam Neeson/Taylor Swift (pick by sexuality)?
Who? :iconidontknow:

9) Your favourite fail/win incident?
When I won argument with my mum for the first (and last *sobsob*) time!

10) What comes into your mind when I say 'idgaf'?
Indigo Dogma Acute Angle Fairies Fudge?

11) Are you a troll?
No! :D

My 11 Question for YOU!

1) Hot-blooded or Cold-blooded?

2) Twitter of Facebook?

3) TV shows or Movies?

4) Traveling or Staying at Home?
Staying at Home.

5) Ever Been to a Summer Camp or a Sleepover, Tell me how it went!
A sleepover. We turned on the smoke-making machine and set off the fire alarm and almost choked Dx. You take a guess as to how it went!

6) Favorite Video Game!

7) School Dances, Bad or Good?

8) Fantasy or Reality?

9) Valentines Day, your opinion.

10) What do you want to be when you get older?
An car engineer.

11) What's the Strangest Dream You've EVER had?
I don't have dreams. Weird, right? I dream in pitch black.

I have no one to tag, sorry!


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